Day: August 14, 2004

  • PearPC 0.3.0

    Excellent!  There is a new release of PearPC out.  It’s great to see things like idle-sleep, SDL, and speed enhancements hit a mainstream release.  I’ve been using pre-built 0.3.0-pre binaries for awhile now, but I’m always excited when stuff like this sees the light of day.  I absolutely love the fact that my laptop is no longer on fire while I’ve got PearPC running but idle.  For more info, check out the changelog.  It looks like they’ve tweaked the config file format just a bit, but you can handle it.  After you’ve looked at that stuff, snag it and run.

  • Novell Shipping Linux Technical Resource Kits

    I was pleasantly suprised to see an automated email from Novell in my inbox this evening.  A few weeks ago I applied for the free Linux Technical Resource Kit, which will supposedly have a bunch of Novell, SuSE, and Ximian goodies in it.  It looks like demand for these kits has far exceeded Novell’s expectations, but I’m glad that they’re making good on  the offer and getting their stuff in front of as many eager eyes as possible.  They held off shipping the kits for a bit so that they could include an eval version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, which I can’t wait to throw on a box.

    I’ll be waiting for my care package in the mailbox.  Thanks Novell!