Picasa from Google



Google is wasting no time on their purchase:

Free! Organize your digital photos. Download Picasa from Google.

The main Picasa page complies with google’s non-evil policies:

The download itself contains only the Picasa software. Picasa will not uninstall other programs or add any non-Picasa programs or files to your computer.

I would be interested to see a diff between the pre-google and post-google version of their terms and conditions page and their privacy policy.  Conspiracy theorists would look for something sneaky, though I’m more curious than anything else.

I like the interface at a first glance.  I’s a little overdone in that sort of retro sci-fi UI way, but it could be much worse.  I’m much more impressed after playing with it for a few minutes.  The timeline view is nice, the fades in slideshow mode are clean but nice.  The little things are just right too

It will be interesting to see how this product matures under the guidance of google.