Day: July 16, 2004

  • WCDMA, Baby!

    Yesterday Wi-Fi Net News and others reported on the announcement that AT&T is expecting to launch WCDMA-based 3g tech in four markets next week.  The DC Metro area already has 1xEV-DO coverage, but we will not be seeing WCDMA anytime soon.  I really hope that this Reuters article is correct:

    The company will offer the data service at a fixed all-you-can-use rate of about $25 a month to consumers and $80 a month to corporate customers, one of the sources said.

    If that source is correct, AT&T is going to see TONS of wireless data uptake.  Current EDGE plans are far from affordable.  Expect the big but cute Moto A845 and perhaps a WCDMA Nokia model at launch, tho Nokia is keeping their lips zipped about it.  How does the 6630 sound?  That would rock.