Day: July 5, 2004

  • Single Handedly Propping up the PDA Market

    Over the past few days I have been single-handedly (okay, my wife had something to do with it too) propping up the ailing PDA market.  Last week we ordered a Dell Axim X30 with Wi-Fi (I’m told it does WPA) and Bluetooth.  Today we picked up a Pa1mOne Tungsten E for her.

    I have a Smartphone, and yes it does a wonderful job at being a smartphone.  I have a laptop that does a wonderful job of being a laptop, but I don’t have it powered up with me everywhere I go.  I also have a Daytimers organizer that has been working wonderfully, except that it doesn’t pop stuff up in my face to remind me.  I decided that perhaps I needed a PDA when I missed a vet appointment for our cats a few weeks ago.

    It is time again for a PDA.  I had a Palm III (with a whopping 2MB) years ago and replaced it with a Palm IIIxe after it was stolen.  I also have a URThere @migo which is one of the few Pocket PC devices out there that has a full PCMCIA card.  It’s nice and all, but sheesh the thing is huge.

    My X30 is due in tomorrow, and you can be sure that I will write up my experiences with it.  I won’t be able to say much about the Tungsten E because my wife will be too busy playing with it.