Day: July 4, 2004

  • Happy Techblogiversary!

    Two years ago today I started blogging at  I did start my livejournal in September, 2001, so I have been at it a bit longer than two years.  Either way, today is my techblogiversary.

  • Emulated Cross Platform Development

    I managed to coax Xcode on to my new emulated Mac this afternoon.  I’m excited to finally have OSX as a viable (yet slow) development environment.  Building the above sample project took longer than it would have if OSX were running natively, but it’s not, so I’ll cope with it.

    I’ve been experimenting with some binary versions from CVS by Richard Goodwin and the SDL builds by apophis.  They have been a little faster but there’s usually something useful broken at any given time (which is to be expected).  It looks like 0.3.0 will have some major improvements when it comes out.  I’m most excited about the idle code which should save my poor laptop from flooring it the whole time it is emulating.


    The latest 0.3.0-pre from CVS is significanlty faster than 0.2.0.  Right now it doesn’t seem to be handling CDs properly, but I’ll just switch back to 0.2.0 if I need to load something from CD.  Another big advantage of 0.3.0-pre is that it has the idle code baked in.  This means that when my virtual mac isn’t doing anything it’s not hammering the processor in my laptop.  It’s much better than 0.2.0, where the bottom of my laptop approaches the temperature of the sun.