Day: June 30, 2004

  • Service Oriented Architectures


    At this weeks Java One conference, Sun introduced its latest release of the Java platform, Java 2 Standard Edition 5.0, and Project Kitty Hawk, “a new initiative encompassing expanded SOA-enabling capabilities in Sun well as a new SOA Readiness Assessment offering”.

    Is it just me or have we substituted one buzzword (web services) for another (service oriented architectures)? Has anything really changed, or are we just using a new word because web services are so last year? I know that I’m oversimplifying things. I wish that the industry would simplify things a bit rather than throw WS- specs around. Yes, I know that without security and a lot of the other stuff that the WS- specs address we can’t seem to function. I’m just worried that in trying to make life easier for developers, we have made life harder for them.

  • Frozen Bubble for Series 60

    NewLC links to a port of Frozen Bubble to Series 60. Frozen Bubble for Series 60 is released under the GPL. I’m currently installing it on my 3650. Frozen bubble is released for newer S60 phones as well as ancient S60 phones like my 3650. It’s addictive, go grab it.

    Mini review: At a 463k SIS, it’s a pretty big app. I put it on my MMC so I’m not too worried. It could use some polish, it’s not that fast or responsive, but I’m impressed at the same time. Hardcore Puzzle Bobble addicts like Ewan will probably be dissapointed, but casual players should be at least satisfied.