Links for Tuesday



  • PMWiki 1.0.2, a major bugfix release is out. PMWiki rocks.
  • I’m running Panther on PearPC 0.2.0, but if you’re adventerous, you can run PearPC nightly builds. If you run out of disk space on your 3 gig image like I have, check out these directions [pdf] on how to create a larger drive and copy data to it. Once I’m done with the move to a 6 gig image I can actually install Xcode.
  • Ewan at All About Symbian reviews the Sendo X.
  • CNet: Nokia expands developer tools for CDMA.
  • J2SE 5.0 doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Neither does J5SE. Oh well, there are a ton of great things in there regardless of what you call it.
  • Blojsom is to be included in the next OSX Server release.
  • If you need guidance, check out the Java Studio Creator Field Guide.
  • Engadget covers Engadget covers Flash Lite.
  • Jabber Architecture handles the topic of instant messaging in the corporate environment of a company whose business is instant messaging. “If the phone rings, everyone on the developer side of the house jumps, since it’s certainly someone from outside, and probably not a spouse, since they all have Jabber accounts as well.”
  • Matt Raible isn’t happy with Java Studio Creator on the Mac.
  • eWeek has positive press for BlueGlue.
  • NewLC brings news of a new book from Symbian: Programming Java 2 Micro Edition on Symbian OS. It covers developing MIDP 2.0 apps on Symbian OS.
  • Apple hosed Konfabulator pretty badly.
  • Via danbri, MobiQuitous (The First Annual International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Networking and Services) looks like it has a ton of potential. It is being held in Boston Aug 22-26. I can’t quite pull the cash to go, but the list of accepted papers makes my brain salivate. UMBC will have quite a presence at the conference. Harry Chen, an RDF geek working on his PHD keeps a weblog as his home page along with a juicy atom feed.