TiVo Prices Tumble



A few days ago I noticed some 40 hour TiVo units at Best Buy for $119 after rebates.  Yesterday I saw the same unit for $129 at Circuit City.  Both prices are extremely impressive and seem to be mirroring DVD prices.  A few years ago it was unheard of to pick up a halfway decent DVD player for less than two hundred bucks or so.  Today you can buy one at Wal-Mart for $40.

Right now PVRs seem to be nearing just above that $100 or so range that VCRs spent so many years in and where a good solid (non-barebones) DVD player can still cost today.  Here’s the kicker: Tech Bargains has a link to a refurbed 40 hour TiVo direct from the source for $80 after rebates.  I’m sure that it won’t last long, but it’s a hell of a deal.

I wonder how long it will take GPX to put out a 15 hour PVR in a little translucent plastic box for $50 at my local big box store…