Day: June 22, 2004

  • Save December 7 for Wonderfalls

    SaveWonderfalls brings good news this morning:

    At the Knitting Factory screening in LA on Friday, show creators Bryan Fuller and Todd Holland announced a tentative DVD release date — December 7 of this year.

    Excellent, I’ll be there!

  • An Ode to Total Annihilation

    I caught a great story on Kuro5hin this morning about Total Anihilation.  The game was way ahead of its time and over the years I have lost countless time to it.  A year or two ago Roger and I dusted TA off for a quick game.  Many hours later I decided that I was getting too old to stay up all night and I headed home to bed.

    The evening reminded me of the days when TA first came out.  We would all discuss strategy at work during the day and try to kick each others butts at night.  Sometimes a Krogoth would be sent in to cause damage, other times it would be so many airborne units that the computer slowed to a crawl.  There was always something different to try.

    Whenever someone mentions TA, a little geeky tear forms in the corner of my eye.  Thank you for all the years of entertainment.

  • Feed Parser 3.0

    The Universal Feed Parser turned 3.0 yesterday.  It has a new home, online docs, and oodles of tests.  It also makes julian fries.  Seriously though, Mark’s feed parser can snag data from pretty much any feed you throw at it, no matter how whacked out it may be.

  • Linux and Open Source in Iraq

    Todays edition of The World featured a story about Linux and open source software in Iraq:

    In Iraq, a group of computer users has started writing open source computer code. They’re Linux enthusiasts. The idea is to make low-cost, home-grown software and is said to hold great promise for developing countries. It could leapfrog Iraq into a more competitive future. The World technology reporter Clark Boyd reports.

    It is amazing that people will work on open source software in a country where the power may go out at any time and you have to worry about suicide bombers and IEDs while outside. My hats are off to these Iraqi coders that are trying to bring the penguin to the desert.