Day: June 20, 2004

  • Eclipse on OSX: Quite Stunning

    Eclipse and Mac OS X: A Natural Combination is a page at Apple Developer Connection geared toward Mac developers that might not be aware of Eclipse.  It sure does look pretty under OS X, although not everything looks like a native widget.  The getting started directions at the bottom of the page should get first time Mac Java developers up and running quickly.

    Between XCode and Eclipse, Mac developers have some very sophisticated development tools available to them free of charge.

  • SUSE 9.1 Personal For Free

    Distrowatch reports that SUSE has released a full working version of SUSE 9.1 rather than the usual ftp install free version.  You can grab it from your local mirror.  The timing is perfect for people running older SUSE versiongs, as SUSE is discontinuing security updates for SUSE 8.0.

    This is a great move, SUSE.

  • TiVo Home Media Option Much Cheaper

    Rick Klau:

    Well guess what? TiVo announced today that Home Media Option is now bundled with the service, at no additional cost. For either $12.95/month or $299 lifetime, you get all of the normal TiVo functionality, along with the ability to stream MP3s over your home network (stored on your computer, played through your stereo), display digital photos on your TV (my kids’ favorite thing to do), schedule recordings over the web, and watch recordings in different rooms (with multiple TiVos in the house).

    Whoa!  Combine this with plummeting costs in hardware, and TiVo starts to look quite tempting to people who might otherwise not consider it.