Mostly Mobile Linkdump




  • Nokia rejoins WiMax.
  • Wi-Fi on Amtrak could be useful.  $9.99 for a trip is quite reasonable.  It’s probably a better deal than my pay-as-you-go T-Mobile hotspot account at $6/hr.
  • Gizmodo and others linked to a way to boost the power on you Garmin iTrip to roll your own pirate radio.
  • Moto buys embedded computing company Force Computers.
  • Intel has delayed Centrino 2 until 2005.  By then you’ll be ordering a jumble of things called a Centrino 2 with a Pentium M 775 and Intel Pro Wireless 2400 with Bluetooth.  I can’t imagine how that can make any sense to a non-techie customer.
  • Engadget covers details uncovered from the FCC about the new HP iPAQ h6300 with GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Sleepycat ships Berkeley DB Java Edition.
  • OSNews announces that aims to be your one stop Gnome shop.
  • CNet: tablets take their time.  They’re still too damned expensive.  Scoble: how can we get Tablet PC prices down?  I really want to be able to afford one.
  • US mobile carriers only get 3% of their revenue from data services.  I’m trying to boost that figure personally, but so far no luck.  A lot more than 3% of my monthly bill goes to paying for data and SMSes.
  • Broadcom is buying 3G chipmaker Zyray Wireless.
  • Rome 0.2 is out.
  • WASTE 1.5 beta 1 is out.  Three cheers for the GPL!
  • ASP.NET on Linux using Mono sounds sadistic but fun.
  • Slackware 10.0-RC1 is making the rounds.