Firefox 0.9 Linkdump



I have to dump links from the tabs in Firefox, because Firefox 0.9 (One Tree Hill) is out!

The update went well.  The new default theme is a little more sparse than the old one, but I think it’s growing on me.  I also like the rotating dots above each tab when they reload.  The rotating dots definitely give a consistent experience going between Thunderbird and Firebird.  Everything seems pretty zippy.

On to the post-update links:

  • Confluence 1.1 has been released.
  • pywi-fi “is a Python library that provides access to information about a W-Lan card’s capabilities, like the wireless extensions written in C.”
  • Chris Heilman has fifteen pictures about fifteen pictures.  I’ve never seen so much glass labware used in the development processes.
  • Coverage of the new Nokia phones has reached the mainstream.  It’s dumbed down blurbs from here on out.
  • EPOC/Cabir.A is definitely a “proof of concept” virus for Symbian phones with Bluetooth as the transport mechanism.  It is hardly a “threat” if you have to say yes to the installation.  It could be a harbinger of things to come though.  More coverage at The Guardian and others.
  • The installation of XP SP2 RC2 seems to have gone smoothly.  I don’t notice anything different, but I’ve been running a beta of SP2 for a month or so.  I will have to say that wireless networking rocks in SP2.

Even more links from just before bed: