The Second Coming of Nokia



Last week Reuters ran a story about there being “no buzz” about the announcement of a few new phones from some company from Finland that nobody cares about anymore.  I’ve seen the lineup, and I think that there’s going to be a ton of buzz.  Nokia has pushed the rez on their Series 60 phones, embraced WCDMA, VPNs, Push-to-Talk, embraced the flip phone and low-end market, and they plan to have all of this on the streets by Q3 and Q4 2004.

That’s not to say all is well and good in the Nokia camp.  A lot of analysts have all but given up on the company, citing a slide in market share while the “other guys” pick up the slack.  If Nokia can ship enough units quickly, get the pricing on the 2600/2650 right, stay agile, focused and balanced, we could be looking at the Nokia Renaissance unfolding before our very eyes.

Oh yeah.  Russ and I broke the story tonight a few minutes before Reuters and others.  The clock on my server is a few minutes fast, but my story was online a few minutes before Russ’ which we clocked at 7:53:45PDT.  Take that!