Back to Reality



Things are finally starting to settle down after a few hectic days.  We’re almost done with leftovers and are finally starting to get back to our regular schedules.  Thanks again to the guys, Martin, Eric and his parents for mobilizing the champagne.

In other news, we ramped up the wireless infrastructure with a Linksys WRT54G on sale for $69 before rebates and $59 after.  That’s about $40 off what I’d expect to pay normally, $30 off the normal “sale” price, and below my “buy it” threshold.  I know that Linksys is pushing the SpeedBooster versions of their hardware, but 802.11g/b is faster than my internet pipes, and if I need to transfer anything faster, I’ll plug the thing in.  You know, with wires.  (Grandpa, tell us about when computers had wires!)

I picked the WRT54G because of an array of flashable Linux distros that I can put on it.  I’m going to run the stock firmware for a bit until I get things sorted out, but I’ll be shopping around for the best firmware for it.

I’m still way behind on my aggregating.  I should have a linkdump ready in the morning.