G4TechTV: So Sad



Wow.  I didn’t realize that the G4TechTV “content” was going to be this bad.  I hope that for the last few hours I’ve been seeing G4 drek, and that somewhere in all of this mess there still is some TechTV.


In Lieu of actual programming, the wunderbrains at G4TechTV have decided to nix the re-airing of The Screen Savers at 8am.  They also replaced quality TechTV filler with Paid Programming straight through till they pick up G4 crap programming at 9am.

I have to conclude that G4TechTV did not do any research before jumping in to all of this.  I’m usually at work when The Screen Savers is on in the evening.  I happen to be at home getting ready for work during the 8am re-airing.  I’ve been out of my usual schedule recently, but for months on end I’ve been an almost-daily viewer of the 8am show.  I can’t be alone.  I know that the DC Market was one of the stronger TechTV markets, so the viewers had to be there.

Ahh, it’s okay.  The Screen Savers is on the schedule twice a day: at noon and at seven pm.  Of course I’m not able to catch either of those times.  In these TiVO times aparently I should be able to “deal with it.”

I know that I mourned the loss of TechTV a few weeks ago, but I’m really sad to see it actually happen.  I can’t decode the actual content from all the ads on the G4TechTV main page.  The, uh, Screen Savers page has about a paragraph and a half of content on it, as opposed to the old feature rich page that had more info than you can shake a stick at.

Maybe I’m growing old and bitter.  Maybe I just miss my old friend, TechTV.