Link Ho!



  • CNet notes that there will be several conferences this week.
  • Newsforge points to an osViews editorial, which strives to clear up some issues between SpecOps Labs and the WINE/Crossover Office communities.
  • Reuters: Nokia Adds Cheap Camera Phone to Ailing Portfolio.
  • OSDir points to an Internet News announcement of a new version of Apache Cocoon.
  • OSNews reports that Slackware is the last major distro to drop XFree86 for XOrg over licensing issues.
  • Chris Davies expands on the question are high end phones a threat to operators?  It is common knowledge in #mobitopia that smartphone users spend more per month than non-smartphone users.  Chris’ post is definitely worth a read.
  • Vladimir notes that ATI has released a new version of their Linux drivers.  Unfortunately I don’t see drivers for my mobile ATI chipset.  *Sigh*
  • Juha is a happy Nokia 6800 user and wonders if more devices will look like it in the future.  I’d personally kill for a 6800 form factor series 60 phone.
  • RootPrompt links to a Cringley article about the wicked things that can be done with a Linksys WRT54G.
  • Speaking of the WRT54G, Rasmus has a good tutorial on installing/setting up Kismet on the WRT54G.
  • Russ rants on a Newsweek article that gets mobile phone computing wrong.  Can I have one of those pictured 6600s?  He also has some Java-related posts after his recent relaunch.
  • K5 carries a story about the recent discovery of a new prime that has over 7 million digits.
  • I shall mostly abstain from the recent purple numbers meme. #
  • El BBC reports about the recently revealed secret D-Day photos.
  • This is old news, but the Pivot roadmap is the Best. Roadmap. Evar!  More recently, Pivot 1.14 beta 2 is out.
  • I must remember to use
  • Wow, Nelson has some info on Unreal Engine 3.  It looks impressive.