Blog Software Evolution



Newsforge notes that b2evolution snuck a release out the door at a very opportune time.  The release announcement notes a plugin architecture, which may sway switchers.  The new release also includes a bevy of text formatters:

By request from our users, several popular text formatting plug-ins have been included such as Textile, Auto-P, Greymatter, BB code, Texturize, and graphic smilies.

That’s nice.  The smileys in the post editing interface of the previous version turned me off.  I haven’t had a chance to take a look at it closely enough to see if I can turn that off.

I would expect that the WordPress crew is slaving away at getting the newest version out the door.  I still use Radio to power this blog, though I have some MovableType blogs scattered about along with a few Wikis.  I also try to test out blog/CMS software as often as possible, so I’ve seen recent versions of most of the popular blog engines.

Mena has clarified and modified the licensing of MT3.0.  Yeah, it still costs money.  Freak out if you will.  MT saves Jeremey time, and that si worth money to him.  Mark has switched to WordPress and now has freedon.  I’m still using Radio on this blog, mostly because the thought of cleaning up and converting 3000 some entries scares me.