Day: May 14, 2004

  • Longhorn’s My.Computer.Network

    Over at the Early Adopter weblog, they’re taking a look at new bits included in the latest preview release of Longhorn.  There are some really amazing bits in there.  Things like your machine name, connection status, your IP addresses and your domain information.  It also allows you to easily ping another IP or download/upload files.

    Bits like this make coding a breeze, but it also facilitates things like disabling the firewall with 3 lines of VBScript.

    Double edged sword, that.

  • Mobile Linkdump

    We had quite the linkfest in #mobitopia today.  After Martin and the other Euros went to bed, I scared up quite a decent collection of mobile links.  Here they are for your enjoyjment:

    There are other link gems hidden among the 130 or so links from today.  Keep digging!

  • Supercharged Series 60

    Wireless Developer Network:

    MALMO, Sweden, May 13, 2004 — Teleca announced today it will supply leading Symbian OS and Series 60 support for the Intel(R) PXA27x family of processors aimed at customers developing mobile phones, PDA’s and other wireless devices.

    To most people, PXA27x is just a random alphanumeric phrase.  I assure you that it’s a ton more than that, and bringing Symbian/Series 60 to that platform is going to be big.  Really big.

    Luckily the announcement of the PXA27x family flew by my radar the other day.  Take a look at a few monster specs and you’ll know why I’m excited to see Symbian/Series 60 on this platform:

    • Scales to 624MHz.  That’s like a PII/PIII running Symbian/Series 60.
    • Lots of memory, up to 64 megs.
    • Speedstep in your pocket.  Here’s hoping for lots of power and long battery life.
    • Lots of connectivity options.  Series 60 Wi-Fi anyone?
    • It has a really nice mobile co-processor with a lot of really good codecs

    Now don’t expect to see this tech in your Series 60 phone any time soon.  Teleca just got approval to start working on this stuff, and for the near future will only be working on reference designs and concepts.  For all we know, this project could be shelved in six months.  I hope that it ends up in our pockets instead.