Enterprise SNAP?



Following the announcement of SNAP, and the fact that it will first be ready for Series 60 MIDP 2.0, the question is out there in plain sight: What about Enterprise SNAP?

No really, I’m serious.  Why not use SNAP as a platform for enterprise apps?  With MIDP 2.0 you’ve already got an extremely easy form-based user interface.  Writing a basic MIDP 2.0 form is just above the complexity level of creating a VB form.  Really, it’s simple.

How much of a gaming framework can be used in the enterprise?  Quite a bit actually.

The presence info could be killer.

“Where’s Johson?”
“One second, let me check.” <our geek hero glances at his 6600> “He’s online, I’ll have him call in.”

After that, our geek hero can send Johnson a quick message using SNAP’s instant messaging API.

SNAP may be a useful extension to traditional J2ME->J2EE enterprise solutions, or it might just be useful for some enterprise hacks.  Either way, I can’t wait to take a look at it.