Howard County Library Moves to Linux




Over the past year, the Howard County (Md.) Public Library has migrated more than 200 public PCs from Windows 98 and Windows NT to Linux. These PCs are used both to surf the Internet and to access the library’s catalogues. NewsForge recently spoke with Brian Auger, associate director of the library, and the IT team responsible for the migration. We wanted to learn more about why and how it was accomplished, and how pleased they are with the results.

Wow, that’s surreal.  I’m in Howard County right now.  They chose an interesting route: Linux from Scratch + Gnome, Mozilla, and  A cron script is run twice a day to see if there are any updates to be downloaded from a master server.

More information, including some screenshots can be found at LuMiXtech.

Way to go, Howard County!  Stories like this and the library behind White Box Enterprise Linux give my warm fuzzy penguin feelings.