Day: May 4, 2004

  • Tapwave Update

    There is a new version (1.1) of the Tapwave SDK available to registered developers.  They will also be at E3 next week, showing off their wares and they are also eager to speak to game developers.

    The Tapwave Zodiac is a really slick Palm-based gaming platform, though I’m sure they haven’t sold as many units as they would have liked to at this point.

  • Tribes and Tribes 2 for Free

    As I mentioned last month, Starsiege: Tribes and Tribes 2 are available for free.  I may pick up Computer Gaming World just to save the download time.

    Just in case I’m 364th among 585 people in the queue.

  • Knoppix 3.4 Fresh from the Oven

    Via Slashdot, Knoppix 3.4 is fresh and hot.  I’m currently torrenting the 3.4 release, though it seems to have stalled out on me.  If I ever get it down, I’ll do my duty and leave the torrent open  You might also try your luck with one of the mirrors.  A quick peek at the package list is impressive for a live Linux distro, but I don’t see any Earth shattering changes.

    I feel like a bandwidth hog.  I just downloaded a 3.3 build yesterday.