Day: May 3, 2004

  • Limited Unlimited Strikes Again

    The Wireless Development Weblog points to an article at Smartphone Thoughts about the limited nature of AT&T Wireless’ $49.99 Mobile Internet Unlimited PDA Plan:

    “AT&T Wireless further reserves the right to move a subscriber from the Mobile Internet Unlimited PDA Plan to the standard $79.99 monthly unlimited Mobile Internet Data Plan, without notice, if the subscriber uses more than 100 megabytes of data in each of two consecutive months.”

    Where am I, the UK?

  • Netstumbler 0.4

    I must have not been looking.  A new version of Netstumbler came out late last month.  The 0.4 release sports a help file and compatability with more cards.  There is also a new release of Ministumbler (for Pocket PC) out.  Thanks to a series of semi-dark tips on yesterdays The Screen Savers (which makes great background at 8am) for the heads up.

    On *nixen, Kismet is the wiffy sniffer of choice.  Kismac is supposed to be a really pretty but functional GUI interface for OSX.

  • Thunderbird 0.6

    Even though it’s old news for those that live on GMT, a slashdot story prompted me to download Thunderbird 0.6.  I’ve been using 0.5 since it came out, and I’d have to say that overall I love it.  IMAP support in Thunderbird has been great, and I’m hoping that things are just a little bit more refined in the new release.  The new logo is slick, and the upgrade seems to have gone over smoothly.  Time to poke around…

    Update: The junk mail filtering in 0.6 seems to be significantly improved.  It looks like passive junk identification is enabled by default (good) and I haven’t seen any false positives yet.  I tried to train 0.5 unsuccessfully but it either missed spam or produced false positives.