Day: April 27, 2004

  • More SMS Than You Can Shake a Stick At

    BBC News:

    According to the Mobile Data Association (MDA), 2.1 billion text messages were sent in March 2004, a 25% rise on the total from the same month last year.

    That is a lot of text messages.  I mean more than a metric tonne of text messages.  We’re talking more than a humpback whale of text messages.

    If I were a Stupid American, I might not be able to fathom such a large number of text messages.  Luckily I’m a mobile tech geek and that number excites me.  In a big way.

    If only we could figure out that your phone is capable of doing more than just talking.  Stupid Americans…


    <Moof> Netminder: you forgot the “at 5 cents a text, that’s $LOTS, or at 160 bytes a message, that’s $MUCHO per megabyte” at the end of your post

    So true.

  • Fedex Renames Kinko’s

    I reported on the purchase of Kinko’s by FedEx when it happened late December.  Now FedEx is rebranding the stores:

    Memphis-based FedEx said Monday the stores will be renamed FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Center.

    This is similar to what UPS did when it picked up Mail Boxes Etc.  Good move again, FedEx, although the new name is a bit much to swallow.  Something like FedEx Office Center or Kinko’s by FedEx would probably roll off the tongue a little better, but I understand the need to keep both FedEx and Kinko’s in the longer name.  If they are smart, FedEx will keep the T-Mobile hotspots active.