Hardly Newsworthy: Windows on Linux



SpecOps Labs has been getting a lot of press in the last few days after their “breakthrough” announcement.  Their new software product will allow you to run Windows apps in Linux.

Pardon me, but haven’t you been able to do the same thing using Wine for years now?  There are also commercial products like Crossover Office and Crossover Plugin if you have specific needs that are not neccesarily covered under Wine.

I know that Wine isn’t perfect.  It can run some apps, but can’t run others.  Hey, that’s life.  I have a feeling that SpecOps’ David is going to be the same way.  I’d love to be wrong, but I have a feeling that David is going to rock for some things and choke on others.  Just like Wine.

I’m all about new technology, breaking new ground, and pushing the envelope.  I just wish that the tech media would mention that many of the “revolutionary” things that SpecOps are claiming can already be done, and have been possible for years.