Freshmeat Tracks SymbianOS Ecosystem



While browsing freshmeat today, I saw that they have a new Operating System listed: SymbianOS.  I don’t know how long the category has been there, but it was refreshing to see it there.  It also allowed me to stumble upon a few projects that obviously slipped passed my radar:

  • BarcR UPC Code Reader: pretty much in the proof of concept stage, but it has potential.
  • Bemused: control Winamp, Windows Media Player, or Powerpoint via Bluetooth from your Series 60 or UIQ phone.
  • Bomber is a J2ME app designed for Series 60.  It reminds me of a classic bomber game that I played under various names on various platforms when I was a kid.
  • WabbelLab simulates that annoying but addictive game where you try to get the marble through the maze without having it drop in any of the holes.  You can play by tilting your phone.  Tracking is done via the camera.