Day: April 20, 2004

  • T-Mobile US Finally Has the 6600

    Wow.  I thought this was never going to happen.  T-Mobile US is stocking the 6600 for $399.  I might have to look in to extending my contract if that price drops any time in the near future.  I love my 3650 to death, but the poor thing just doesn’t have enough memory to deal with the abuse I give it.

    Thanks to Russ for mentioning it on #mobitopia.

  • Mobilopia

    Russ just pointed out that a new marketing firm, Mobilopia has set up shop at  As far as names go, Mobitopia wins hands down.

    What does Mobilopia mean?  Are the markets near sighted about mobile technology?  Or was that far sighted?  I can never remember.