Day: April 19, 2004

  • Catching Up

    Welcome back from Radio silence.  While I wasn’t uploading to the world, I wrote a few entries that are definitely worth looking at, even if they were written a few days ago:

    • Java Location API: Where are the Phones?  Phones with GPS that implement the location API could be a huge thing.  So far, they’re just not out there.  I’m not up on Asian phones, which I’m sure are light years ahead, but I don’t really see anything in the US or European markets to speak of.  Moto’s i730 does not implement an API to the JSR spec, but at least it has GPS and we can get to the data.  That’s the important part.
    • How Much Does JSR-179 Rock?  My ode to simple and effective API calls.  Of course it takes a lot more than those few lines to “do it right” but it makes a ton of sense.  Moto’s location API isn’t half bad either.  Like I said, I just want the data.
    • J2ME Link Roundup was a linkdump of a lot of the pages that I had been looking at while groking location and messaging in J2ME.