Day: April 12, 2004

  • Speed Step Goes Mobile

    PalmInfoCenter announces the release of a new family of processors for mobile devices.  The new PXA270 line of XScale processors include “Intel Wireless MMX” technology, which has little to do with wireless and everything to do with 3d graphics and video.  Also on the chip is “Wireless Intel SpeedStep” technology, which will hopefully prolong battery life by underclocking the chip when more horsepower is not needed.  There is also a fair amount of on-chip security and cryptography.  Expect this new line of processors to scale from about 300 to over 600 MHz.

    To compliment the new line of processors is the 2700G “Mobile Multimedia Accelerator” with lots of codecs and up to 1280×1024 resoltuion.

  • Longhorn: Now Due H1 2006

    Windows Network reports that the newly castrated version of Microsoft’s Longhorn is due out H1 2006.  I’m saddened to see some of the cooler new tech like WinFS be delayed until the next major Windows release.  These things happen though.  MS really needs to get a solid distro out the door in a timely manner.  The cool stuff always ends up on the cutting room floor.

  • More XML Options for J2ME: Sparta

    Via Fred by way of Erik, Sparta is an open source XML parser for J2ME recently released as open source by HP Labs.  It implements a DOM and is not written for J2ME in particular.  However, using Sparta in a J2ME environment should present no problems.  Sparta implements XPath, and I’m excited about the possibility of XPath in my pocket.

    kXML and kXML2 are also options.  They are both J2ME specific.