Fox: You Suck, Wonderfalls Rocked



It looks like according to Bill Humphries and others, Wonderfalls has been cancelled.  It’s a shame.  I think that Wonderfalls was one of the best shows to come out of Fox in quite some time.  I freaked out and figured that it had been cancelled after redirected me to their home page.  This comment and this post (look at all the comments!) by Tim Minear, one of the producers, sheds some more light on the situation.

I always thought that Friday night was the absolute wrong night for the show, and I’m really saddedned to see Fox botch yet another perfectly good show.  What really burns me is that there are more episodes (which becomes obvious if you watch the video for the title song on the now non-existant Wonderfalls page on Fox).  I guess I’ll fire off an email or two to register my level of piss-offedness.

Sadly, the guys in #mobitopia pretty much called this cancellation in advance.  Fox is that predicatble aparently.  Zap2it has a hopeful article about the possibility of Wonderfalls moving networks.  And yes, I have signed the petition.

Now back to your regularly scheduled techblog…