Day: April 6, 2004

  • Nokia Q1 2004 Sales Guidance Lowered

    Business World Ireland:

    Mobile phone giant Nokia today slashed its first quarter sales guidance and cut its forecast for EPS to the bottom of its indicated range on weaker-than-expected handset sales.

    Expect Nokia shares down for the day.  I hope that this doesn’t effect handsets in the pipeline, but I’m confident that Nokia will find a way to do better next quarter and please the kids on Wall Street.

  • MicroStrategy Still Around

    Information Week:

    MicroStrategy Inc. on Monday debuted software that lets people with little or no technical expertise use Microsoft Office desktop applications to access business intelligence and reports generated by MicroStrategy’s analysis software.

    I’m suprised that MicroStrategy is still around and capable of releasing a product.  MicroStrategy was one of our local dot com bomb scandals.  They used to have a huge building in Northern Virginia, their stock was high, the money rolling in.  And then somebody found out that they really didn’t have much of anything.  Crash, boom, bang.  We heard about it quite a bit because it was a local story.

    Anyway, congratulations to MicroStrategy, rising from the ashes to release a new product.