Wi-Fi at 30,000 Feet



Via IT Vibe (and others), it looks like Wi-Fi in airplanes will finally become commercially available.  According to a press release by Boeing, they’re getting in to the wi-fi hotspot business.

Pricing is honestly not that bad: $30 for 6+ hour flights, $20 for 3-6 hour flights, and $15 for shorter flights.  I’d pay that in a heartbeat to have broadband access from my seat in steerage.  They also have a pay as you go system, starting at $10 for 30 minutes.  If only I could get my laptop to last through the flight.  Someday I might be able to redeem my airline miles toward the elbow room and power outlets of business class…

I love how all of those evil radio signals are suddenly safe.  I do remember reading about a wi-fi test by Boeing several months ago.  I’m glad that they’ve fast-tracked this idea.  Lufthansa will be the first commercial carrier to offer the service.

I really hope that airlines in the US jump on this.  It’s an awesome opportunity, and I’m sure that a certain percentage of tech-savvy could make travel decisions around the avalability of Wi-Fi in flight.  I would sure consider it.  (Psst, United: I really don’t want to fly on another airline just because they’ve got Wi-Fi.  Get it now!)