Day: March 25, 2004

  • Comcast Buys TechTV, World Mourns


    Comcast has purchased TechTV. They plan to merge the station with G4.


    Also mentioned in the Slashdot report is the announcement of Leo leaving as host of The Screen Savers.

    This is really bad.  I’ve been watching TechTV on and off for several years now.  Granted they play a lot of reruns and have airtime that they could fill, but I can’t see the purchase by Comcast as A Good Thing.  Right now I tend to catch the previous nights show as a rerun at 8am.  It’s great background, and often dive deeper in to stories that I’ve skimmed about the previous day.

    I’m just worried about something good like Tech TV falling through the cracks of an ever growing media company.

    I’ll have to start catching Leo’s weekend tech radio show in order to get my fix.  It looks like for the time being he will continue hosting Call for Help and will be contributing to The Screen Savers.

  • Modern Day John Henry

    I heard a modern day audio story of John Henry last night during All Things Considered on my drive home.  It’s the story of a drummer vs. a DJ with turntables and a drum machine.

    I’d highly recommend a listen.

  • OpenBSD 3.5

    OpenBSD 3.5 is out. The release song this time is a Monty Python skit with a message. Check it out.