Day: March 23, 2004

  • Fishing at Freshmeat

    Today is one of those days that I scrolled down the listing at freshmeat and saw several projects that looked pretty interesting:


    TinyButStrong is a library that enables you to create HTML pages dynamically. It’s a Template Engine for the PHP language. It enables you to easily display information from your database, but also to seriously harmonize and simplify your PHP/HTML programming.

    I have not looked too deeply, but this looks kinda neat.

    Big Medium:

    Big Medium 1.3.3 is an affordable, full-featured web content management system that allows non-technical staff to add and edit web page content without knowing HTML. Big Medium frees web professionals from tedious page updates and empowers writers and editors to make website changes directly.

    It always throws me off when non-free sotftware ends up on freshmeat.  Licensing is $129 per server.  That’s a little to rich for my blood, but before I knew it cost anything, it looked pretty neat.

    Tasks Pro:

    Tasks Pro is the multi-user version of Tasks: a powerful web-based task manager (to-do list manager) that allows you to organize your tasks in a hierarchical structure. Group controls allow projects to be set up only for people who need to see them.

    Hmm, $125 for 5 users.  I’m having a bit of a non-free day on freshmeat.  Tasks seems to be donateware though.  Must. Pay. Bills.