SUSE Linux 9.1



Via Slashdot, it looks like Novell/SUSE are cooking up a great release.  Planned features include the obligatory 2.6 kernel, Gnome 2.4.2 and KDE 3.2.1, and Samba 3.  SUSE has more information on their web site.  Early May is the targeted release date.

I’m currently running SUSE 9 on my laptop, and I’m quite happy with it.  You’ve got to watch out though, because SUSE tends to get bogged down on older hardware.  I’ll probably upgrade my laptop to 9.1, though most of my other hardware tends to be much slower.  I’ve been amazed at how fast recent KDE and Gnome releases have been running under Debian (unstable) on a PIII 600.


In related news, Novell plans to release YaST, the rocking SUSE installer, as open source under the GPL.  Great move!