Mandrake 10: Impressive!



In catching up on Slashdot, I found this story about the relase of Mandrake 10 Community.  Your best bet for downloading right now is via this BitTorrent link.  I’m extremely impressed with what Mandrake 10 bundles: Kernel 2.6.3 (2.6 is ready for prime time!), Xfree 4.3, GCC 3.3.2, Apache 2.0.48, Samba 3.0.2, MySQL 4.0.18, KDE 3.2, Gnome 2.4.2, OOo 1.1, and I think there’s a partridge in there somewhere.  The full package list is exhaustive.

My most recent experience with El Drake was with 9.1, and I was extremely impressed.  I’m going to download this latest release and check it out tonight.  Mandrake would have been my distro of choice on my laptop, except for the pesky PCMCIA issue.  I’m currently dual-booting XP and SuSE 9 on my laptop.

I look forward to playing around with it.  The screenshots that I’ve seen so far look good, and there’s quite a bit of good stuff going on under the hood.