Day: March 3, 2004

  • No Love for Eisner

    I was listening to Marketplace on NPR on the way to class today, as I’m known to do.  I was amazed to hear that over 40% of Disney shareholders opposed the re-election of Eisner to the board.  That’s an insanely huge number, and will probably result in some sort of changeup in the company.

    I like the fact that Roy Disney and Stanley Gold were given a chance to air their grievences.  The pair left the board a few months ago.  Disney and Gold are threatening to oust Eisner.  Roy Disney pretty much installed Eisner in the first place.

    Who knows what the long term outcome of this no confidence vote will be.  In my fantasy CEO league, I’d love to see Steve Jobs behind the helm at Disney.  I don’t think that reality agrees though.