Analog Life Hack



I apologize for the lack of content this week.  I’ve been recovering from a cold/flu and have generally not been running at full steam.  I picked up a very small Daytimers organizer/planner last night.  I know that’s pathetic, given that we’re in the digital data age.  I’ve been carrying around digital organizers of one sort or another for years now.  I’ve carried pocket digital organizers, Palm III’s, Palm IIIxe’s, PocketPC devices and symbian phones.

They’ve always been *so close* to being so completely and totally useful.  I’ve always found that when it gets down to the crunch, it’s easier to write a quick note on a scrap of paper rather than turn on the device, input data, file it appropriately, turn off device, etc.  I’m a Graffiti feind, and can probably input data about as fast as writing sloppily, with a fairly low error rate.

The problem is that I’ve never managed to stick with a digital organization system.  It’s probably just my slacker nature, but it works for a few months and then I stop carrying digital device X with me everywhere I go.  My pockets aren’t that big, and I only have so many pairs of cargo pants.  The last time I used Palm Desktop it was okay but left a lot to be desired.  I don’t use Outlook for my email (run away screaming!), and only have it on my laptop.  It’s great for organization, I’ve just never been able to ‘get into it.’

I’ve been carrying my satchel bag with me almost everywhere I go (home work school home work school home work school), so I’m hoping that a quick analog hack in my bag will keep me organized, prioritized, and less slacker-like.

We’ll see how it goes.