Day: February 10, 2004

  • ETech: Bluetooth Treasure Hunt

    Via Jim, Edd was sniffing the Bluetooth air last night.  14 devices isn’t bad at all, though during Russ’ tutorial, I counted 19.

    Long live Bluetooth!

  • Digital Camera News from PMA

    While I’m at ETech, PMA, a huge photo industry show, is ramping up.  PMA is the biggest industry show in the US and second only to Photokina in prestige.  Before the show, I had somewhat predicted a G8 replacement of Canon’s G5, but they one upped me: the Canon PowerShot Pro1.  It’s 8 megapixels (which I called), but also has a 7x USM L-Series lens.  Pricepoint: just under a grand.  Also interesting is the PowerShot S1 IS, a 3 megapixel 10x camera with image stabalization.  More predictable is the announcement of the S430, S500, and SD110.  Those are all pretty much rez bumps to their ultra compact line.  Also new is the A75, raising the bar for mid entry level a bit.  The last thing that DPReview links to today is the Canon A310, which is a budget entry level camera, and looks like the Fuji Finepix A310 and is in the same segment.

    All of this similar naming is really confusing.  We’re dealing with the same thing on the mobile phone front: how many series 60 devices are there that contain either the letter S or X?

  • mobibot: time pst

    Yikes, it’s too early.

  • A New Knoppix Build

    Ack!  A new Knoppix release is out and I’m trapped on an overloaded starwoodbroadband connection!  I’m not sure what minor feature enhancements are in there.

    The changelog hasn’t been updated yet.