Day: February 9, 2004

  • Too Much Wireless

    Russ is currently trying to distribute an app via bluetooth in a room that is just awash with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  It has been extremely slow and problematic.  From the back of the room I can discover 19 Bluetooth devices, many of them are the T616s that were issued for the tutorial.  The Wi-Fi network has also been slow this afternoon.

    Wireless access is a good thing.  I can roam around the lobby or second floor of the hotel and have access.  But we’re reaching a saturation point here.  We’ve maxed out the 2.4GHz spectrum and there’s just not much we can do about it.

    Russ, Ewan and I were playing FIFA 2004 on the N-Gage last night and the gameplay was much slower than when we were playing in the hotel room away from the wireless madness.  We are assuming (but could be wrong) that all of the other Bluetooth and 802.11 traffic was bogging things down as we faced off against each other.

  • Russ at ETech

    Russ is going over the basics of J2ME for his talk at ETech.  He’s got a monster G5 and a big Apple flatscreen in front of him, but is presenting from his laptop.  Poor guy.

    More pictures from ETech can be found on my moblog.

    Update: The source code from Russ’ talk is online.

  • From the Lobby at ETech

    I’m sitting here in the lobby slurping free Wi-Fi.  Ewan is across the table IRCing from his Netbook.  Russ is upstairs working on his tutorial for tomorrow.

    I’ve been moblogging quite a bit, feel free to check it out.