Monday Linkage



Here are some links for Monday:

  • DevChannel has part two of their tutorial on web services with Axis.
  • TheServerSide points to Zamples, which offers live code examples for the JDK 1.5 API.
  • phpExifRW “is a pure PHP class to read, write, and transfer EXIF information that most digital cameras produce.”
  • Via Newsforge, reviews SuSE Enterprise Server 8.
  • Werner Vogels helped finalize the lineup for Usenix 2004 over the weekend.
  • CNet: the OMA released specs for DRM of mobile content.
  • TechTV (via Gizmodo) reviews some of the top convertible Tablet PCs.  I still file them under cool but too expensive.  There’s a huge difference between sub-$1000/$1000ish and $2000ish.
  • Anthony wants his mobile content.  Welcome to Mobitopia!
  • CNet: TiVo is cutting prices on Series 2 hardware.