Day: January 21, 2004

  • Scripting Symbian: The Plot Thickens

    Andrew O at The Register has managed to dig deeper into the Symbian Scripting story.  Aparently Nokia likes Python more than Perl for its scripting, and is tinkering with the idea of releasing a Python build to a very select few developers.

    Another interesting tidbit from the story is the mention of MobileBasic, which runs as a MIDlet on top of the JVM.  At first glance, MobileBasic looks a lot like OPL.  Aparently it has a very simple to use syntax for accessing URLs over the web.  I wonder if this will work properly on something like a 3650 (given the MIDP sockets issues it has)?  I’m also curious about how easy it would be to do something simple like this in OPL, as I would rather use OPL for a simple task like this.

    The five lines of code in the article above make me think that simple XML over HTTP web services would ROCK if it were that easy to get data from a source over HTTP.  Of course writing an XML parser for OPL or MobileBasic would probably be non-trivial…

    Still, it has my brain juice flowing!

    Update: It looks like Ewan and the OPL team got some great press today in another article at The Register.  Woohoo!

  • Sparc Nostalgia

    This story at OSNews reminds me of my pre-Ultrasparc gear that I’ve got kicking around there house.  There is a Sparc 5 or two running Solaris, and a Sparcstation Classic (same size as a Sparc IPC) running OpenBSD.  I think that one is under the desk somewhere, I’m not 100% sure.

    Older Sparc (and UltraSparc) gear is getting cheaper and cheaper.  I bought most of my gear through Ebay, but RetroBox also has a nice Sparc section (server and workstation) with some good deals.

  • MySQL Administrator

    Via Infoworld, MySQL Administrator looks like a great way to administer your MySQL databases.  A lot of people use PHPMyAdmin, which is quite good and gets the job done, but this is downright sexy!

  • New Dual-Screen Gameboy


    Nintendo Co. Ltd., after months of hinting it would roll out a new game product in 2004, on Wednesday took the wraps off Nintendo DS, a portable video game system with two screens, one above the other.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will rock.