Day: January 20, 2004

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday, Russ!

  • Cingular Offers to Buy AT&T Wireless

    Here is the news that we’ve been hearing rumors about:

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Cingular Wireless has made a formal offer to buy AT&T Wireless Services Inc. (NYSE:AWE – news), in a move that would create the largest wireless service in the United States, a source familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

    It will probably take some time to find out the exact sum, but sources say that Cingular is offering cash.  Things could get quite interesting.

  • Disconnected

    The broadband connection to the house was down most of the day, and I think it was a flaky cable on my end that caused the problems.  I’ve got it working for now, but probably need to re-run and re-crimp some cable.  It’s been an interesting day, and I’ll try to get a roundup together soon.