Day: January 14, 2004

  • Revenge of the Roundup

    • Where the heck was I and why did I miss mod_zeroconf?  It’s like mod_rendezvous (which I pointed to a year ago) for regular Linux.
    • mod_zeroconf and lots of other goodies will be presented at this year’s CodeCon.  I had previously glanced at the program, but obviously did not scroll down far enough.
    • Must… register… for… PyCon!
    • Via Slashdot, Open Watcom is, well, Watcom C/C++ and Fortran, but open sourced.
    • Wiki software that I have not looked at closely before:
      • GracefulTavi: It’s WikiTikiTavi: The Next Generation.
      • ZWiki has some interesting WikiSyntax.
      • JSPWiki just keeps getting better.
      • WakkaWiki installs like a breeze.  PHP/MySQL.
      • Text_Wiki is a PHP wiki engine that I thought was cool when it was announced last week, but I forgot to blog about it.
      • I am still a diehard MoinMoin fan, but it might be time to move on.  I agree with Jim, it has that oldskool feel to it.
    • There was a bugfix release of Subversion yesterday (0.36.0).
    • Washington Post: “Bush Proposes Return to the Moon by 2015.”  He has allocated a bunch of money (but probably nowhere near enough) for the project that he sees taking us to Mars.  I’d love to see it happen, I just worry about funding and political BS.
    • Another one via Slashdot, Microsoft is making Windows Services for Unix available for download (free as in beer).
    • talios notes the release of IntelliJ EAP #1101.
  • KB Toys Bankrupt

    Dealnews brings the news.  KB Toys has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

  • Kodak to Stop Making Film Cameras, But They Sucked Anyway

    I failed to post about this last night, and since then Reiter and Erik have posted about it.  I’m not really worried about it, as pretty much all of the cameras that they have made within the last several years have been pretty crappy.  They were nothing to write home about to begin with, and they tend to break much more than other brands.

    I can’t say that I am truly enthusiastic about their digital offerings either.  They are admittedly focusing on the non-techie part of the market.  They have EZ-Share docking stations, and image quality is measure in “stars.” As a technical user, I find them quite frustrating and extremely limiting.  Some less-technical users seem to get the hang of it, but I know of many people who are not happy with theirs.

    I hold Kodak the legacy and institution in high regard, but Kodak the company have blundered a whole lot in the last several years and beyond.  They tend to discontinue some of their higher quality and more popular films (Royal Gold recently), produce crap (anything marked MAX), and generally do the opposite of the right move almost all the time.

  • Maestro: Works on Windows, Linux, and Solaris Too!

    MacCentral has a nice little peice about Maestro on the Mac.  I’m all about the Maestro project getting some news coverage.  I guess that you have to report to your audience, but a quick acknowledgement that Maestro runs on Windows, x86 Linux, and Solaris on Sparc would have been nice.

    Apple appears to be pleased that Maestro looks sexy on OSX.  That’s great.  The amusing thing is that Windows installation is as easy as downloading a file and installing.  On the Mac side, you first need to download Java3d and JavaAI.  Of course, many users find this out after Maestro fails to run.  I’ve been hanging out at #maestro on freenode since before the slashdotting (thankyouverymuch) and a fair number of people come in to the channel because they have not installed Java3d and cannot get it to run on OSX.  It’s just not as simple as it should be.

    How’s that for a multifaceted minirant?  Let the world know: Maestro runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux-x86, and Sparc Solaris.  It’s a darn fine program, and is something new for JPL.  They’re not used to giving away their data to everyone like this.  The Maestro project is a new and very exciting thing for everyone.  Also, Apple: how about getting things like Java3d and JavaAI in the default install, mmkay?

    Note: I’m not trying to start yet another PC vs. Mac argument.  I currently run several windows machines, several flavours of Linux, several BSDs, Solaris on Sparc (have not upgraded to 9 yet though), and have several Mac boxes.  Due to fundage and the fact that I have not been able to coax my G4 8500 into it, I am not running OSX.  I would love to be, though.