Day: January 13, 2004

  • Gnarly Wreck on 95

    This is more of a local news story, but WTOP covers a huge tanker wreck on I-95 south of Baltimore.  There will be many a painful commute tonight:

    An accident involving a tanker truck started a fire that’s burning along Interstate 95 south of Baltimore. The State Highway Administration says I-95 is closed in both directions.

  • iTunes Linux Server

    Via, it looks like someone has managed to put together a working iTunes Linux server.  The Rendezvous part has been available for quite some time, but the secret is in daapd, a daemon for your Linux box that speaks the daap protocol that iTunes speaks.

    Stream on!

  • MonoDevelop

    Miguel posted a Mono update today.  One of the bigger bits of news is that the team is currently working on a version of SharpDevelop using GTK#.