The Pocketsurfer



The gadget at the top of this Gizmodo report reminds me a lot of my Nokia 9290.  The $200 Pocketsurfer allows you to surf the web in 640 pixels wide, but I’m not convinced that it is 480 pixels tall.  If it is 480 pixels tall, that is going to make for some tiny text in such a rectangular screen.  My 9290 is 640×320, which is quite passable for most things, but surfing is just too slow to be usable ona  daily basis.  The Pocketsurfer allows you to connect to the internet from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

I’m not sure if it is worth $200, but the Pocketsurfer is a cool gadget indeed.  I would most likely spend a hundred or so more to get a PDA with bluetooth and perhaps Wi-Fi expandability.

I’m still holding out for those inexpensive internet tablets that everyone promised me during the dot-com boom.  I stopped holding my breath though.