On the Way Out the Door



Here are a few quick links before I head out the door:

  • BBC: The MER is on six wheels and ready to roll down exit #2.  Woohoo!  Did it make that transformer noise?
  • NewsForge: Knoppix gets full-on NTFS support.
  • NewsForge: people are hacking away on an iTunes Linux server.
  • There’s just too much going on at CES to keep track of.
  • Gizmodo: Two new entry level phones from Seimens.
  • Nelson is speaking at ETech.
  • Slashdot brings the sad news that Lego is discountinuing Mindstorms.

I’m back for a few and have a few more links to add:

  • Christoph Cemper is writing an article for JDJ.  Congrats!
  • Christoph also points to TimeCore, a free time management app for Windows.
  • Via Matt, for $29.95/year subscription, SourceBeat looks like it might be a good deal for those ever volatile tech books.