Day: January 7, 2004

  • Joe Gibbs to Return to the Redskins!

    This may not be big news to the world, but it’s huge here in the DC area:

    High-level Redskins sources told that Washington Redskins great Joe Gibbs has accepted a deal to become the Redskins new head coach. Terms of the deal were not immediately available, but the sources said he accepted late Tuesday.

    This is easily the best news in the last decade of Redskins football (the kind we play in the US).  They must have made him an absurd offer, because since leaving the NFL for NASCAR, he has constantly been asked about coming back, and until today the answer has always been “no.”

    It looks like we’re picking up an excellent defensive coordinator too.

    It’s cold in DC today, but we’re all doing a happy dance.