Day: January 6, 2004

  • Macworld Coverage

    • Mini iPod: way too expensive.
    • G5 cluster: cool!
    • Garage Band: neat.  John Mayer rocks too.
    • The rest of iLife is cool and all.  $49 for the bundle is a good deal.
    • Drink more Pepsi.  One in three gets an iTune.
    • Office:Mac has some new features that are in Office 2003 for Windows, plus some other neat Mac-only stuff.
    • Transitions are ugly no matter how you slice it.

    Overall I was underwhelmed.  The stuff is cool and all, we just got our hearts set on a mini-iPod at the $99 price point.  We didn’t get it.  $249 is way too high.  You can get 15 gigs for $299 or 4 gigs for $249.  Do the math.

    I was also a bit dissapointed by Akamai, which handled the stream.  I got a ‘not enough bandwidth’ error several times throughout the keynote, and I’m not alone.  It looked fine for most people.  Rael even watched the whole thing over GPRS.

  • Macworld Warmup

    It’s that time again.  The infamous “mini-iPod” is the rumor de jour.  I would really like to see something like an affordable $99-$199 2-4 gig mini-iPod, but would not be suprised if this rumor goes either way.  Of course standard rumors also apply: updated G5 desktops, and iLife update, maybe a rev to one of the notebook lines (though we’re probably some time away from a G5 lappy).  Then in the left wings we also have the standard far-out rumors like the second coming of Newton and something like an iTablet.

    Here’s a quick selection of news sites that will be covering the event.  You can also watch for yourself via the Quicktime feed:

    • Mac News Network will have a dedicated page listing updates as they happen.
    • Mac OS Rumors is speculating as usual.
    • Mac Central has a list of product announcements and such.
    • Think Secret seems to be speculating a little less than usual this time around.
    • Macintouch is gearing up for coverage.
    • MacMinute plans to have live coverage of they keynote.
    • I’m sure that Macsurfer will be covering the event, but there are just so many links on the page.