Day: January 4, 2004

  • Martian Links

    I’ve been following the news from Mars this morning.  Everything looks good, but the rover won’t be heading out for another 7-9 days.  You’ve got to power up and check out the skateboard, after all.  Here are the links that I have been using to keep myself informed:

    The MER is sceduled to wheel around mars for 90 days, but scientists hope that the rover will last longer than that.  Sojurner was designed to last 30 days and lasted around 90 IIRC.  Another rover will be attempting bounce-down in less than a month in a different location.  Hopefully we can decrease the near 2/3 failure rate of Martian probes.

  • A Successful Six Minutes

    Wow.  It looks like NASA’s latest rover managed to touch down after a Rube Goldberg-like landing sequence.  There was a lot that could go wrong in those crazy six minutes.  I’m glad everything went as planned.

    It’s going to be several days of diagnostics and power-ups.  Release the skateboard!

  • Blojsom 2.07

    I must have blinked, because a new blojsom release is out.