Day: January 2, 2004

  • Roundup: Clearing the Buffer

    Yep, windows and tabs have been accumulating again.  It’s time to clear them out:

    • UMLet 2 ” is an open-source lightweight Java tool for rapidly drawing UML diagrams, with a focus on a sound and pop-up-free user interface.”
    • Edd has quite a conference lineup this year.
    • The 8bitpeoples have some awesome retro-fun mp3 albums, including some excellent Christmas interpretations.
    • It looks like Groovy is filling out quite nicely.
    • I need to set up an account on Mobile RSS so I can keep track of things on the go.
    • currently lists 463 PDA-friendly sites.  It looks like Opera on a mobile phone would rock with some of these sites.
    • Russ lists the apps on his 6600 that he uses all the time.  I need to compile a similar list for my 9290, retro as it is.
    • Best. Panoramic of Times Square. Evar!
    • OPL Wiki: Dialogs.  They’re currently in the 1.0 release for Nokia Communicators, and should be arriving on S60 in the next few months.  I can’t wait.
    • As pointed out on #mobitopia, is a place to dump and search your raw wi-fi stumbling data.
    • Todays Get Fuzzy is funny… and not.  So true.  Right now I’m getting double doses of Get Fuzzy every morning… one in my aggregator and another on the ‘Scratch a Day’ desk calendar.

    *Whew*  The buffer has been cleared and culled.  I hope that everyone is doing well in the new year.

  • Wi-Fi Free Spot

    Wi-Fi Free Spot is a listing of commercial but free (as in beer) Wi-Fi hotspots.  See also the Wi-Fi Free Spot Weblog.  They seem to have the obvious things listed in my area.  YMMV, of course.